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User Parameters

To program one or more user parameters follow the outlined procedure:

1. Press SET and DOWN keys together. The first message in the menu, FP1 will be displayed.
2. Use the UP & DOWN keys to scroll thru the messages in the menu.
3. Press the SET key to display the current value associated with the current message.
4. Use UP or DOWN keys to increase or decrease the value.
5. Press SET to lock in the new value and return to the menu.
6. If another item needs programming go to number 2 above.
7. To save changes scroll to message SEND and press SET.
8. To discard changes and restore previous values scroll to message CANC and press SET.

The menu of parameters is circular. Scrolling is from first to last or from last to first.

When in programming mode please note that this mode will be cancelled if there is no key activity for a period of 60 consecutive seconds. Programming mode is aborted and all changes will be restored to previous values.

Here is an example of how to program a filtration period. When in programming mode you may program as many parameters as needed.

Example: program filtration period 2 to start at 5:45 PM

Press Display Explanation
SET & UP FP1 System displays the first programmable item.
UP FP2 Scroll up to Filtration Period 2.
SET 12:00 Select FP2. The display shows the current FP2 start time with the hour portion flashing
UP 1:00 Increase the hour value by 1.
UP 5:00 Press UP key 4 more times or press and hold for auto repeat.
SET 5:00 The hour is set, the minute portion flashes.
DOWN 5:45 Press UP 15 times or press and hold for auto repeat.
SET> FP2 FP2 set to 5:45 PM & the current message is displayed again.
DOWN FP1 Scroll to previous message.
DOWN CANC Previous message - if you press SET when CANC is displayed all changes will be discarded
DOWN SEND Previous - save changes
SET   Temp Changes saved. Exit programming mode. Display current spa temperature, time or operating message.


The table in User List is a compilation of all user menu items, their minimum, default and maximum values and an explanation of the function of each parameter.

Note : Time parameters have two components, the hours and the minutes. When programming a time element, first the hour portion is programmed (flashing). When the hours are set press the SET key to program the minutes portion.