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The control system has been designed with the you the user in mind. It is very easy to operate and requires a minimal effort on your part. You may use it just as it comes to you and without any programming. Yet you have the option of getting deeply involved in the inner workings of the control if you so choose. You can custom tailor it to fit your needs.

Please take the time to read at least the next section “IN A HURRY - READ THIS” portion before starting to use your spa for the first time. You can familiarize yourself with the rest of the manual at your leisure. This manual will also serve as a reference if you choose to modify the operation of your spa.

Make it available for other spa users.

You should also have a spa user’s manual which explains how to care for your spa. Please read and follow all instructions in your spa user’s manual. Maintaining the proper levels of pH and the sanitizer will extend the life of your spa equipment. Improper chemical levels in the spa are sure to cause premature heater failure as well as failure of other components in the system. Failures caused by chemical imbalance are not covered by warranty.


For those who don’t like to read manuals or would like to read the manual later, please read at least the following section. SmarTouch Digital comes to you with a universal set of default settings. If you choose to keep these settings, then you only need to remember 2 things : how to set the spa temperature and to press the SET key whenever you are done using the spa.

Setting Temperature.

Press and hold the TEMP key for 2 seconds. Release all keys The display will flash the current selected temperature. Using the TEMP and TIME keys (UP and DOWN arrows) scroll to the desired temperature.
Press the SET key to lock in the new selection

The SET Key

After using the spa, press the SET key to tell the microcontroller you are done using the spa. It will then take over the spa’s management including the different filtration cycles, heat maintenance, economy modes and protection against freezing.

Upon entering this mode the FILTER light is turned on and a post use filtration cycle is executed - that is when the spa needs filtration the most. The default system setting includes a 3 hour economy mode, the pump will come on at most once every 3 hours to sample water temperature and heat if necessary. The controller remembers when you have used the spa and in anticipation of your next usage will perform a 3 hour Auto Filtration cycle before your next spa use.

SmarTouch Digital Series 1000 and 2000 is a family of intelligent, spa control systems. These systems are rich with features and can be extensively programmed to fit just about any need. The rest of this manual will explain the function of each of the keys on the control panel, how to change programmed settings and what each setting does. It will also explain all the error messages that you may encounter, and their significance and way to correct them.

Time Of Day (TOD)

SmarTouch Digital maintains a 12 hour AM / PM internal real time clock TOD (Time Of Day). The clock based on the line frequency. There is no battery backup and whenever the power is turned off, TOD is no longer correct. It defaults to 12:00 AM whenever the power is turned on.

Setting TOD is only necessary if you are going to program the filtration and silence cycles. If you use the factory default settings then you do not need to set TOD.

If you set TOD then SmarTouch will display time every first 10 seconds of each minute. If TOD has not been set then it will not be displayed.

Setting TOD

Press and hold the TIME key for 2 seconds. Current TOD will be displayed with the hour portion flashing.
Release the TIME key.
Using the TEMP and TIME keys scroll up and down to the desired hour. - Notice the AM / PM Led.
When the correct hour and AM / PM are displayed press the SET key to lock in the new hour.
The display will now flash the minutes portion of current TOD.
Using TIME and TEMP scroll to the desired minutes.
When the correct minutes are displayed press the SET key to lock in the time of day (hours and minutes)

Note : TOD is the only parameter in SmarTouch Digital that is not preserved on power down. On power up it will default to 12:00 AM, all other parameters are restored to the their last setting.