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System Parameters

System Options Programming is a means of setting the various system options. The U and P options are of the ON / OFF or 1 / 0 type; the option is either 1 or ON or it is a 0 or OFF.

To initiate options programming press the UP and DOWN arrows together.

When programming groups 1 and 2, (U and P options) either the letter U or the letter P is displayed followed by a number (1 to 8), a space and the number 1 if the option was ON or a 0 if the option was OFF. For example if the third user option was OFF the letters U3 0 will be displayed. If it was ON the display will read U3 1.

Use the scroll buttons (UP and DOWN) to navigate thru the different options. Press the SET key to toggle a displayed option's status from 0 to 1 or vice versa. Go to SEND and press SET to save changes. Alternatively go to CANC and press SET to discard all changes and restore previous settings.

Warning: Changing any of the Protected options may be dangerous and can result in injury. It can also damage the spa and it's equipment as well. Changes made by user are at the his/her own risk. All liability rests with the person doing the changes. Only trained service personnel should make changes. If unsure please contact ACC for more information.

Note: The circulating pump, if one is installed, is always attached thru the heater. All filtration and heating is done with the circulating pump.

Warning: an improper setting of P7 and P8 can result in damaged or even destroyed pump motors. It can also cause the controller's printed circuit board to catch fire. Only trained service personnel should carry out changes. If unsure please contact ACC for more information.