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Spa Startup Directions

The following procedure should be followed on initial startup and whenever the spa is drained for maintenance. Read each step in its entirety before proceeding with that step.

1.Fill The Spa With Water

Clear all debris from your spa.
Using a garden hose, start filling the spa with water.
DO NOT use water from a home water heater or softener.
As water level rises, check inside equipment compartment for water leaks. It may be necessary to tighten loose unions and / or fittings.
Make sure SLIDE VALVES at pump(s) and heater are open. (Fully extended position)
Continue filling spa until water level is midway in the skimmer opening. All jets will be under water except neck & upper shoulder jets which will be above water level but are pointing downwards..

2.Apply Power.

Rotate thermostat knob (if so equipped) counterclockwise to the lowest temperature setting.
Apply power by turning on the spa dedicated circuit breaker.
Test the GFCI : push the TEST button and power is cut off. Push RESET and power is restored. If these do not seem to work STOP do not use your spa : Either there is no power, the GFCI is defective or the equipment is malfunctioning. Only a qualified person should do further inspection.

3.Bleed The System.

A certain amount of air is trapped in the lower plumbing. Trapped air causes poor performance and may cause heater failure. To bleed it :

Run the jets pump in low speed.
Locate and loosen the heater output union a quarter turn.
After all the air has escaped, and when water starts dripping, hand tighten the union.

4.Add Startup Chemicals.

You should have an adequate supply of spa chemicals at hand. Please familiarize yourself with the necessary types and amounts of chemicals necessary to maintain your spa clean and healthful. Your spa dealer stocks the necessary chemicals and is usually a good source of information on chemicals and procedures.

The importance of chemical balance in the spa cannot be over emphasized. At this time you should apply the proper chemicals. Please refer to the instructions included with your chemical kit for the proper procedures, amounts and the correct sequence of chemicals to be added

If your spa is equipped with a digital electronic system please skip to the section titled “Digital Systems”.

5.Set Filtration Time Clock.

Locate time clock on the front of the control box in the equipment compartment. Rotate clock dial CLOCKWISE only to set the correct time of day.
Observe small tabs on the outer perimeter of the dial. Each set tab will filter for 15 minutes. Select the time of day when you need the spa to filter, observe the AM / PM markings, and set as many tabs as you wish. (minimum recommended filtration is 2 hrs / day).
Locate the mode switch next to timer dial. Position switch in the AUTO mode.

6.Set Spa To Heat.

On the control panel, observe the ECONOMY light off.
Turn off the JETS. Observe the jets indicator light off.
Rotate thermostat knob clockwise so that pointer is in the vertical position. Do not at this time go all the way to maximum temperature.
Rotate all air control valves to the OFF position.
At this time the panel heater indicator light should be on, the red neon on the equipment box should also be on.

Digital Systems

If your spa is equipped with a digital control system then it is already set for startup and default conditions and no further programming necessary.

Temperature Setting.

To set the temperature on a digital system, press and hold the TEMP key (up arrow) for 2 seconds, the display will blink the previously selected temperature. Change the selection using the TEMP & TIME (up and down arrow) keys. When done push the SET key to lock in the selection. The control will revert to the previously set temperature if now keys are pressed for 1 minute.

Time Setting.

Push on hold the TIME key for 2 seconds. The display will blink the current hours. Scroll up or down to the selected hour. Push SET. The minutes portion will blink. Set the minutes by scrolling up or down. Push the SET key to lock in the new time of day.

Digital controls have many programmable options and settings including preprogrammed filtration cycles. Please consult the control manual that was included with your spa for specific procedures to program other parameters and options including, split filtration cycles and no-operation silence cycle.