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Spa Maintenance

Your spa is designed to give you many years of enjoyment. Care and regular maintenance of your spa are important to keep it beautiful and operating properly. Your spa dealer can supply you with chemicals, detergents and the necessary tools and products to maintain you spa.

SPA SURFACE CARE: Do not use abrasive solvents or cleaners to clean your spa as they dull the surface sheen. Do not use soaps or sudsy type detergents to clean your spa. Consult your dealer for the proper cleaners and detergents.

FILTER MAINTENANCE: Your spa may have 1 or 2 filter elements. To remove the filters, open the weir gate to the outside, slide the basket out with the horizontal flats in the vertical plane. When filters are removed from the spa make sure that no object fall into the filter cavity. They can cause obstruction to water movement.

Every 2 months, more often with heavy use, filter must be cleaned to get rid of objects and particles that are lodged in the filter pleats. Using a garden hose with a pressurized nozzle push water from the inside to the outside of the filter pleats forcing all trapped particles out. If the filter is far too dirty to be cleaned as described above, obtain from your dealer filter cleaner material. Soak the filter overnight, then hose it down. Filters will last many years if properly maintained.

WOOD SKIRT MAINTENANCE: Wood skirting will have a tendency to fade and lose it’s like new appearance with time. About once every 6 months you should re-stain the spa’s skirting. Lightly sand the skirting surfaces to remove any dirt and to smooth rough surfaces. Re-stain wood surfaces using factory approved stain. Do not use varnishes, shellacs or surface sealants. Contact your dealer to obtain an approved stain. (It is preferable to use the same stain as the one originally used.)

HYDROTHERAPY JETS: There are 3 types of hydrotherapy jets : Moving jets, Adjustable jets and Micro jets. Moving jets rotate in a circular or random pattern and are not adjustable either pressure or direction. Adjustable jets are directional and may be adjusted for optimum water pressures. Move the jet’s nozzle to change direction. Rotate the face of the jet to increase or decrease water pressure. It is possible to completely shut off a jet. Please note that if you shut off enough jets in the spa pressure may build up in the plumbing to unsafe levels.

Micro jets are fixed; they are neither directional nor adjustable. They are usually installed to deliver therapy to specific areas of the body.

Moving and Adjustable jets are interchangeable. Your spa dealer will be happy to show you how to exchange these jets.

DRAINING YOUR SPA: Every 3 or 4 months or depending upon water condition, you need to renew spa water. To drain your spa, power must be disconnected at the circuit breaker. Within the equipment access compartment locate the drain faucet. Attach a garden hose to the faucet and then open it. Water will start draining. You may use it to water your garden.

The drain faucet will not remove all the water in the spa. You may have to remove a small amount of water by hand, using a towel or a plastic container so as not to scratch spa surfaces.

Once the spa is drained and dry, you may want to carry out other maintenance chores, such as surface cleaning and waxing.

To refill your spa with water please refer to and follow the instructions describe in the SPA STARTUP DIRECTIONS section.

WINTERIZING & LONG TERM STORAGE: If you intend not to use your spa for an extended period of time, drain it as described above. You will also have to drain the pump(s) and the air channel.

To drain the pumps you need to disconnect 2 hoses attached to each pump. These hoses are attached using unions that are hand tight. Be sure to attach the hoses after you are done.