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Spa installations that do not conform to the following procedures and requirements may expose spa users to the hazard of electric shock. Non-conforming spas will not be covered by warranty.


  1. The spa must be installed on a concrete pad 4” thick. In order to prevent flooding of the electrical equipment, the pad must be such that water will drain away from the spa.
  2. The spa must be installed at least 5 feet away from any metal surfaces. Alternately all metal surfaces within 5 feet from the spa must be permanently ground connected to the spa equipment control box housing. Use an 8 AWG solid wire and attach it to a grounding lug provided on the equipment control box housing.
  3. Only a licensed electrician may install power to the spa.
  4. Spa power supply installation must include a properly rated circuit breaker, as per label on spa’s control box enclosure. When tripped, the breaker must open all current carrying lines. It must be labeled and easily accessible to spa users.
  5. Power supply lines must be hard wired into the spa’s control box enclosure. The use of extension or plug type cords of any kind is dangerous and voids the warranty.
  6. Supply lines must be properly sized as per National Electrical Code. A ground line must be provided that is as large as the largest current carrying conductor, but no less than solid 8 AWG.