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The spa should be installed on a concrete pad that is at least 4” in thickness. The concrete should be sloping enough to permit water drainage away from the spa and its electrical components. If you chose to put your spa on wood decking, the decking must be strong enough to support the combined weight of the spa, the water and the individuals in the spa. A 5 person 400 gallon spa weighs approximately 5000 pounds.

When locating and installing your spa, make sure that the equipment compartment is easily accessible for maintenance.

Outdoor Location

If you install your spa outdoors, consider the following:

  1. Walking areas around the spa and the path to it should be free of dirt, sand and other debris you don’t want in the spa
  2. The spa should not be installed close to, or under trees. Tree leaves and birds are detrimental to spa cleanliness.
  3. A spa sheltered from weather factors is less expensive to maintain and operate.
  4. Thoughtful location of your spa can enhance your privacy safety and security and add to your enjoyment of your spa.

Indoor Location

If you install your spa indoors 2 things need be to considered : water drainage and ventilation. When using the spa steam escaping from the water surface should be vented out so as not to damage room interiors.