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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I run the spa on 120 volts?
Only if the pump is rated at 120 volts. Because 240 volt spas are more efficient and have better performance, most Dolphin spas are built with 240 volt water pumps and heaters. The label on the spa control enclosure should indicate if your spa is 120, 120/240 (convertible) or 240 volt only.

Can I do the electrical installation myself?
Yes if the work meets NEC and local code. It is best to have a licensed electrician do the installation. A spa electrical installation must be protected by a GFCI breaker at the panel.

Do I need to pour a concrete slab for the spa?
A concrete slab is the best spa foundation. A spa can be installed on a deck designed for a load of 130 lbs. per square foot. A spa may not be set on dirt or gravel.

How often do I need to drain the spa?
Once every 4 months on the average. More often with heavier usage. Turn the power off. Attach a garden hose to the hose bib in the equipment compartment and let the spa drain.

How often do I need to clean the filters?
On the average once a month the filters should be hosed off (from the inside out). Whenever the spa is drained, it is a good time to rinse the filters overnight in a solution of TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate.). The filters should be hosed off before re-use. A set of filters will last many years. It is a good idea to have a spare set for use alternately between clean-ups.

What chemicals do I need to use and how often?
Test strips or a color kit.
Spa Up and Spa Down to adjust the PH of the water if necessary.
Chlorine (dichlor) or Bromine tablets to disinfect the water.
Anti foam to reduce foaming if necessary.
Demineralizer such as MetalGone to remove water minerals.
Brightner to eliminate cloudy water.

How often do I have to treat the cabinet?
About every 6 months the mahogany needs to be re-stained. The stain is available at The Home Depot, paint department paint number “Behr Stain # 81 Redwood & Redcedar”. The spa cabinet should not be subjected to routine soaking from water sprinklers.