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Connection Instructions

NOTICE: All spa electrical wiring must be performed by a qualified licensed electrician and must meet all NEC (National Electrical Code) and state and local codes and requirements.


If you install your spa outdoors, consider the following:

  1. The lines carrying power to the spa must be dedicated to the spa and should not be shared with any other appliance(s).
  2. All electrical wiring lines must originate from the electrical panel and terminate, hard wired, into the electrical wiring compartment. The use of extension cords or plug type termination is expressly prohibited and voids the warranty.
  3. Do not use aluminum wiring. Use only copper wiring.
  4. Wire gauge must be in accordance with NEC requirements for the distance from current source to spa and the current rating as stated on the ID label that is attached to the equipment control enclosure.
  5. All wiring must be shielded by a grounded metal conduit. The conduit must terminate at the electrical access compartment either from the bottom of the spa or through a hole in the side paneling of the spa.
  6. For a 120 volt system the line wire (black) is connected to the terminal block lug labeled LINE1. The neutral wire (white) is connected to the center lug labeled NEUT, and the ground wire (green) is connected to the ground lug labeled G or GROUND. The ground lug is attached to the sheet metal at the bottom of the electrical access compartment.
  7. For a 240 volt 4 wire system, connect Line1, Neutral and Ground wires as in # 6 above. The fourth wire is the Line2 wire (red) and it is connected to the lug labeled LINE2.

Branch Circuit Breaker Requirements

240 Volt Line1, Line2, Neutral & Ground.
4 Wire System 50 Amp 2 Pole Breaker
240 Volt Line 1 , Line 2 & Ground (neutral is not required)
3 Wire System 50 Amp 2 Pole Breaker
120 Volt

Line 1, Neutral & Ground
3 Wire System 20 Amp Single Pole Breaker




A new breaker must be used for a new spa installation.
Do not use an existing or used breaker.

GFCI. All spa installations must be protected by a GFCI. If your spa control box does not include an integrated GFCI then you must use a GFCI breaker per National Electrical Code requirements.

Note : If using a GFCI type breaker on a 240 Volt 3 wire system, the breakers’s neutral (white) wire must not be used and should be capped with a wire a nut.

120/240 Volt Conversion. All spas are shipped configured for 240 volt (3 or 4 wire systems). Please check the nameplate on the control enclosure to identify the type of system in your spa. If the nameplate indicates a 120/240 Volt type system, then it is possible to convert the spa to 120 volt operation. Please refer to the control manual for conversion instructions.

30/50 Amp Conversion. Some homes may have limited power service. It is possible to operate a 240 volt spa system using a 30 amp breaker. Connect 240 volt power to the system as previously described, then set it to operate in the 120 volt, or low power mode. Please refer to the control manual for instructions.

Note: Only experienced service personnel should perform conversions. Improper modifications may cause damage to the control system and / or the attached heater and pump motors.